The Purple Dusk of Stardust

David Bowie was/is one of my most highly revered heroes.

I was really deeply saddened (yes, even more than usual) hearing of the Starman’s passing. My inevitable marathon of his musical canon (and a zillionth watching of Labyrinth) did little to ease my feeling that, as Carrie Brownstein so perfectly put, “[Something] elemental has been lost. Like an entire color disappeared.” That’s possibly my favorite eulogy to him I’ve read. At any rate, I decided to sketch out a pose from Bowie’s infamous Aladdin Sane shoot via an HB graphite pencil. I colored that iconic lightning bolt makeup and those striking eyes (with their one permanently dilated pupil) using watercolor pencil. I guess mostly to keep him in the foreground of my mind. And it worked.

Thanks for painting my childhood, David, in glittery visions of weirdness that made it OK to come out as a beautiful freak. I know if there’s life on Mars, you’ll be the one to find it and find some dudes to bang together a band.

x Juliet, blogging bleary-eyed yet wired, and (shocker) in pajamas

David Bowie (Jones)


Bowie by Juliet. Medium: Graphite & watercolor pencil on paper.

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